Many large companies have regional formulations for common products such as ketchup, peanut butter, drink mixes, and cereal.  The different ingredients in each formulation give it a unique taste.  One of the most common variations is that Canadian products often use different sweeteners than their US counterparts, and some consumers feel this difference makes them healthier and/or better tasting.

Yes!  Just look for the button on the product page for more information about bulk discounts for that specific item.

Yes, we ship to PO Boxes.

The length of time it takes for you to receive your order depends on the shipping method you choose, the distance your package must travel, and the amount of time it takes us to process your order.  Most orders are shipped from our facility within three business days, but once the package leaves our hands, we have no control over how quickly it arrives.   Keep in mind that all packages shipped outside of Canada must go through customs, which can occasionally result in delays.

We ship thousands of packages each year and only very rarely do we have issues with customs causing long delays.  We take every precaution possible to decrease the chances of your package being held up, including abiding by all FDA Prior Notice regulations stipulated in the Bio-Terrorism Act for packages shipped to the US.


This simply means that we are in the process of filling and shipping your order.  Typically if your order shows this status after more than a few days, it means we are just waiting on specific item(s) to arrive to complete your order.  If you have questions about which item(s) may be holding up your order, feel free to contact us.

If your order was shipped to the US via Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel, you can track it. Simply go to www.usps.com or www.canadapost.com and enter the tracking number that was provided to you. If you lost your tracking number, contact us via live chat and we’ll look it up for you.

If your order was shipped via Small Packet Service, your shipment cannot be tracked.